Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying A Display Fridge

Are you an entrepreneur aspiring to make it big in the food and beverage industry? Then you must know which machines, equipment, or appliance are worth buying. For example, if your store revolves around selling chilled ice cream or yogurt, then it’s a must to buy ice cream display freezer so your customers can have a good look at your products.

However, there are several factors to consider in acquiring a display fridge. Here are the most important questions you should ask first before buying one for your business:

Which type do you need?

There are various display fridges present in the market nowadays. Each functions differently and caters to specific products only. As a business owner, the first question you need to figure out is which of the many types of display fridge is perfect for your product?

Businesses that focus on fresh produce should have an open chilled freezer that will keep the products at its best quality. On the other hand, it is suggested for proprietors of specialty stores such as gelato stands or ice cream parlours to buy ice cream display freezer or rent from a trusted network.

Other types of display fridges:

  • Multideck displays – good for chilled food, drinks, and wine
  • Commercial beverage cooler – good for chilled drinks and wine
  • Serve over the counter – good for ambient and chilled food and drinks

Brand new or used?

Equipment as big as display freezers doesn’t make a business owner’s wallet happy since along with its advantages comes a slightly heavy price tag. Before deciding to buy your own unit, ask yourself whether or not your budget can cover a brand new one. Know that there’s nothing wrong with purchasing used display freezers such as a second hand drinks display fridge, provided they are still in good condition.

Solo and first-time pastry shop owners usually have a limited budget for equipment and machine expenses that’s why most of them opt to look for a second hand cake display fridge to showcase their products.

Does it fit your space?

When buying a display freezer, you need to measure the available space in your store. Will the freezer fit your space without inconveniencing the human traffic inside your shop or will it be a major blockage?

Having a display fridge aims to increase your consumers’ buying impulse, but that doesn’t mean that you can ignore your customers’ comfort while inside your establishment. Better measure the dimensions of your chosen fridge first to make sure it fits the available space. After ticking this off from your to-do lists, you can go and buy display freezer to present your products.

Entrepreneurs ventured in the food industry especially those who sell chilled and frozen desserts are sure to always have customers because the Australian heat can be unbearable at times. As responsible business owners, you should give high importance in finding the right brand to buy ice cream display freezer from to ensure quality. Cold Solutions have been around the refrigeration service industry long enough to prove that they are here to provide reliable and efficient equipment to food proprietors like you. See more at