Buy Trucks According to Your Business: Some Reminders

One of the basic qualities of a good business is the ability to move goods and services from one place to another safe and fast. This reduces loss in terms of damage and time helping the business to produce more, faster than its competitors. Your business could be offering transportation for other businesses or dealing with goods and services in both medium and large quantity. Whatever the case, your business needs trucks to ease this work. You need to buy trucks that will help you have a smooth transportation of goods and services from one place to the other.

It could be that your business has grown from small to medium size and you want to reduce the cost of transportation for the long run. You can buy medium trucks that are able to hold this capacity. If you are projecting for something long term, then you need trucks that will help you run for a longer period without having to worry about making purchase again. Quon gives a variety of medium trucks to choose from. For instance the CK 17 380 has a loading capacity of 45,000 Kilograms. This makes it a perfect choice for doing business within a state or a region given a ESCOT V 12 speed, 2 pedal – AMT.

If you are set to buy medium duty trucks, there are a few factors you want to consider. Besides the loading capacity, you need to know the truck’s fuel consumption, availability of spare parts, and horse power. The Quon CK 17 420 is the highest in the medium duty series. With a horse power of 308 kilowatts at 1800 revolutions per minute, it has a loading capacity of 45,000 kilograms. This truck is designed to suit metro operators as it also has an ESCOT V 12 speed, 2 pedal – AMT.

Though medium trucks can work for larger companies, such companies may also need to invest in larger trucks. If your company deals at an interstate level where long distances are covered and more goods are transported you would need to buy large truck. Quon has a number of different heavy duty trucks that can serve such purposes well. One such is the CW 26 380 which is specifically designed for those in the construction and mining industries. Fitted with a GH11 Engine Series at 278 kilowatts at 1800 revolutions per minute, it has a carrying capacity of 50,000 inclusive of its weight.

The other ones in this category are the GW 26 420 and GW 26 470 whose carrying capacity are 55,000 kilograms and 70,000 kilograms respectively. These are both suitable for long haul transportation within Australia.

Fundamentally the reason why you want to buy trucks dictates what kind of trucks you will go for. However, if you would like to buy trucks that will serve in a fleet such as in a transportation company, a mixture of sizes and types will be suitable. At UD Trucks, there is a truck for every kind of business. With shops all over Australia, you are guaranteed availability of spare parts and repair services.