Advertising Online | What’s the Best Social Media For My Your Business

With the advent of technological advancements and digital nomadism, the internet and the smartphone have been a part of a twenty-first-century person. When you wake up in the morning, the first thing you must’ve checked must be your phone. In everything that people do, the phone is always involved. A person may not have a laptop or tablet, but there is a great assurance that every person in this world has a smartphone. Reaching your customers is easier. But, do you even know what is the best social media for business?

Here are some tips in choosing the best social media to use in advertising your business:


When you want to take a safer route, Facebook is somehow the basic and the most accessible social media platform. Facebook is a widely-used platform around the world, and it is slowly becoming a universal “cyber” meeting ground of people from different places around the world.

If you want to establish your basic online presence, having a Facebook page will be your first step. If you already have a website, then it would be good because you can ask your page visitors to access your website from the page.

Whether you want increased traffic and brand awareness, Facebook can help you grow your business in many ways. However, it’s a bit costly to advertise on Facebook. If you can manage with just your organic reach, you could save money. But, organic reach takes a long time, and you have to have a generous amount of investment for your page. If you want help in establishing your online presence, read this article.

Facebook Messenger

Isn’t this the same with Facebook Pages? No, no, and no. Messenger has a different business model than pages, but it can also be the best social media for business. In Messenger, you can instantly communicate with your customers and personally advertise your products. Aside from that, you can use chat groups to alert customers of new offers. While Messenger has limited capabilities, it is best partnered with Facebook pages.


When it comes to fashion and personal goods, most businesses go to Instagram. Instagram marketing is different from Facebook marketing. On Instagram, you have to know that people mainly go there for fresh and amazing images.

However, Instagram is also one of the best social media for business. But, you have to know how people use Instagram. If you haven’t tried using Instagram, it will be hard for you to use it as a platform for your business.

The heart of Instagram is posting photos that will amaze your followers. So, instead of posting articles, you should publish more photos, videos, and continuously update your stories.

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